Sunday, November 7, 2010

A quiet Weekend

It has been a nice and quiet weekend. To a degree I guess. Lots of running around to get projects done yesterday and errands. Took my sister out for dinner for her birthday. Today has been really quiet.

Hubby didn't get a deer but my dad got a 10 pointer.

I'm sharing with you a small glimpse at a project I finished yesterday. I will share the whole project the closer it gets to the end of the month. I completed it for a Design Team Call that is currently out. It took 2 days to finish this project and I am pretty happy with it and already have it displayed for the holidays :) This was my first banner too...that was fun! let me tell you the fiasco trying to get this done. First off no one around here as the products! ugh. then I wanted a scalloped punch for the banner. Ran to Michael's...found an anywhere Fiskars punch. used my 40% off since it was $15. Got home. have to have the basic starter pack! RAN back to Michaels' is $20! Used another 40% off coupon and got that. Came home....well shoot..the darn punch puts 3 big holes in the center of the punched out part. Well that does me no good. grrrr. So now I have 2 anywhere punches that I am not sure I will ever! Oh well. Lesson learned I guess. But the project is finished so that is what counts.

Finished up a drawing too for a friend.
It takes me forever to get started on a drawing but when I finally do it takes no time at all to finish it. this is indian ink and water. I love the look of it. I really have fun with this and want to try and complete a picture for the art show next year. We added the red since the real lighthouse is known for the red.
Right now I am finishing the quilt...or at least the stitching part...with hopes of getting the trim done this week or next weekend.
Started the new BP meds yesterday. I am pretty worn down today. I could take a nap at any minute. My BP seems to be good but my pulse is around 55. I am sure that is not suppose to be that low. BUT I don't have headaches with this one which is good.
Hope your having a blessed Sunday!

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Lynn said...

hope you feel better soon. i love love love your lighthouse.