Saturday, November 6, 2010

House party goodies

Well my Friday day off went so so. I started the day off with a recheck for my Blood pressure. I was so hoping for good results but it appears that wasn't going to happen....soooo...we will be trying something new. I will start it today.

Then the day just went blah. I went back and picked up Kayla and we did some errands and running around. Took her to the oral surgeon and he wasn't much help at all. But there isn't much we can do about her implant while she is pregnant. So....a few more months and we will re-evaluate the situation.
But I did come home to this yummy box! Have you ever participated in House Party??? No?? Well then! You MUST give it a try. See all this goodness....I got it for FREE! Yep Free. This will be the third House Party I have hosted in a year. The last one...I got a complete set of Ball Canning supplies from the pots to free cases of jars! This party is the Jolee's Jewelry Party. What you do is sign up to host a party and fill out an application. They review and pick hostess for the parties. You will have to invite people over and you have a themed party. As you can see...this one will be making jewelry...bracelets to be exact. They sent me enough stuff to make 10 bracelets and the tools! The tools alone are expensive if you have ever bought jewelry making supplies. You take pictures through out your party and post them on the website. It's pretty easy! And fun!

I mean really....look at that stuff! Just to much fun. I will have to hide the tools so my hubby doesn't swipe them.

Go check out the website. Maybe you can find a party that fits your schedule and you can be a hostess!
Today will be a full day. I have some more errands to run as soon as the boy is up. Then later on today we are taking my sister out for her birthday, which is tomorrow, which she will be 35!!!!! Hey Rachel....getting a little older there aren't we???? Well I can't really say much as mine is next week and I am one year closer to 40...blah!
Working on some Imaginisce projects to submit for the Design Team call. I am pretty excited so far. I am working on the altered project as we speak and still have a card to make. This would be an awesome team to be on. I just love their papers and the iRock took is just the BOMB!
Stay tuned for some more Magistical Memories layouts. I really love the last one I did of Shawn and his girlfriend. I also used some Wendy Hammer Designs felt flowers with some Smooch spritz. Yum yum!
Got a little further along on the quilt last night. I wish it was finished so I could mark that off my list but I have at least another good weekend worth of sewing to do.
Have a great saturday!! and have a crafty day!


Dolores said...

wow that is some really cool stuff never heard of it before!!! Can't wait to see what you create.

Sherry said...

What an interesting and fun party concept!