Sunday, October 24, 2010

Project complete

Wow!!! Tell me again why I take on such huge projects???
I dediced that it was time to redo my living room. So after thinking about the color for several months I picked this weekend to do it while the boys were hunting. Here is a before:
and here is the after. It's Belgium Cream Chocolate :)

And another shot of the before. This was taken at about 10:00 Pm Friday night so I had already taken the painting down and started prep work.

And the after...taken just an hour ago. I will get a few more curtains. 2 for the sliding glass door and 1 for the window. I just have to find them and purchase them I bought Target out over the weekend.

I couldn't of done it without my friend Emily's help! She showed up at 7:30 Sunday morning and helped me finish the last 3 walls. Oh and move the large furniture. That TV cabinet is NOT moving again! My back will never be the
So that project is done. shewwwww. Thank goodness!
Now on to some scrapbooking projects that aren't as exhausting and as hard on the back!

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