Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good morning world

Good morning world.

thought I would share with you my layout I did for the GutterGirlz DT swap with My friend Rachel (TallyHo) made this picture for me and due to my current circumstances...the song really hit home for me.

We are just a few days away from vacation and I can't wait. I want to get away so bad right now. A few days ago we found out that Kayla will be moving back home. I'm not sure that is the best choice at the moment but she has no where to go and I can't turn my child away. I'm just hoping that God has his hands all over this and will pave a way for us to get through this and the upcoming months.

Today we go for her first drs appointment. She is 8 weeks for sure. Pretty soon I guess I will need to start really planning and get my act together to start finding things for this baby. I have no idea where to store the stuff and well...this house wasn't really built for 5 people. should be interesting to say the least.

Work has been really tough the last few weeks with computer problems out the wahzooie which has added to my already stress load. about a week from now I will be heading to the doctor. It's going to be an interesting visit because she is going to hear my life story and help me figure out what is going on with myself. Lots of bloodwork. And it is hard to believe that this month is flying by so quickly already.

school starts back in just a month. wow.

I have so many projects to do right now but no motivation to get them done. Just to many other things on my plate I guess. I need to find my right mood again. Maybe it will come after this vacation and some relaxing. I just want to spend time with my hubby and just enjoy each others company. and watch Shawn have fun and enjoy being away too.

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kellystar said...

Beautiful LO. I liked the one from last month showing off your pedicures too! It sounds like you have a lot "on your plate" right now. Sometimes it is hard to trust that God has a plan, but he does. Strength and blessings to you.

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