Thursday, June 24, 2010

This week is dragging along

I mean seriously. Could this week get any longer???? I so wish today was Friday. There is just not enough work at work this week to keep me busy and it is driving me crazy.

As far as at home....I've been busy.

I got a 4 canvas painting done last night. I will post pictures later this evening hopefully. Canned 6 jars of Blackberry Jam - Sugar free. It turned out pretty good. I plan on picking more blackberries this evening. I hope to get enough to make some more jars that are full of sugar :)
I've worked out 2 days so far this week. Sadly though....all this stress I'm under has caused me to gain 5 lbs in just a few short weeks. Which is very frustrating and makes me want to just give up. But...I'm not going to. Just a small bump in the road right???

I have news to share with you but it will have to wait just a little bit longer. Sorry. Nope...not scrappy related good news. It would be news that is the result of most of my stress. And no there is not anything wrong with me...well except for

I can't believe this month is almost done. Wow. Saturday we are having a fishing day at the Lake. We plan to be there all day. And then boom...before we know will be July. And then....only 9 days till vacation. And by golly I NEED IT!!!!

Oh some good news...I got the paperwork in the mail inregards to Paulding Meadows Arts and Crafts festival. Our booth will be #164!!!!! I am excited and nervous all rolled into one. This will be my first real, true arts festival and I have wanted to be in this one for umteen years.

Well....back to work. Have a great day

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