Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sharing with you the painting I did this weekend for a coworker of my husband. It measures 26x32 I do believe. It was pretty big. And the bestest news...SHE LOVED IT! I always worry if someone will like them or not. I honestly can't believe how much fun I have had painting and that people actually like them too. I can't begin to tell you how it makes my heart smile. And to think that I have something hanging on someone's wall! Wow.
Later this week I will share with you the painting I did using nothing but my hands for our new guest room as we are calling it.
Update on my daughter: nothing new. She is still gone. A month now. And she has plainly said she is not coming back home. Sadly she is now a month behind on her car payment and it will break my heart to take it away from her next month but I have to do something you know. I just have to make sure she understands you can't take things and never pay for them. I don't know...she simply keeps me wondering...and confused.
Shawn is in his first week of camp. He thinks he is getting sick which is NOT a good thing because he still has 10 more days of camp!
And work....my other stress...decided that it would be best for them...not for me...if they change my hours at work to 8-5. Which granted I know is not a bad thing but when you have worked 6:30-3 for several years and your family is scheduled around that time....it makes a difference. My life has turned so upside down lately and to have that few hours with either my son or by myself to regroup has been great. Now that has been taken away from me and I am very upset and sad about it. But not sure if there are any options for me at this point. I don't want to look elsewhere and start over. 16 years at one place is a very long time. I guess I need to just suck it up and go with it but it makes me so mad to know that someone who has a adjusted schedule at work...was the one to complain about mine..therefore...mine changes. Doesn't seem fair does it.
tried some yoga today and it kicked my but. Just saying...

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