Sunday, June 6, 2010

Missing my kids

Okay so Shawn has techniqually only been gone now for 24 hours but I sure do miss him. I want see him again until next Sunday and that is just for a few hours as he gets ready to go to summer camp for a week. Two weeks from home. How will I survive.

And Kayla...I haven't heard from her since Wednesday. I sent her a message via facebook but I guess she hasn't gotten it. I really do miss her. alot. But I think she is so angry with me she will not come back home. or at least not anytime soon.

Billy and I worked in the front yard this morning. It looks good. Other than that I have been doing much of nothing. I did get 2 paintings done and started on one scrapbook page but that is about it.

I had my echo on friday. Will not know the results until this Friday but I am sure they are fine. I have another heart appointment this friday and it is with the actual dr so I have some questions I hope he can answer and then back to the regular schedule of working all week. Can't take anymore days off until vacation.

Hope all is well in your world. Sorry this post is short but I am tired and ready to curl up with my book for a while.

hugs to all

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