Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well actually out to dinner with friends and then heading to Conyers where I HOPE to see my boy this evening. We offically pick him up from a week of camp tomorrow morning and then head to north Georgia for another week of camp. So far the reported injuries are a twisted ankle and a sinus infection. He should be something to see that is for sure.

I have missed him terribly.

Hoping to have me a few yummy drinks this evening and relax...much needed.

Got LOTS of projects done this weekend. Painting on 6 12x12 tiles, took 3 shirts...cut them in half and stitched them back together in different colors, scrapped an inspirational page for a friend and scrapped another page for the ucoming Gutter Girlz challenge.

Now the only projects on my plate of July's Scrap-tastic pages and to draw a few motorcycles. I like checking things off my list ;) I MUST get ready for the art show and get some paintings going to sell but I just haven't gotten to that just yet. Maybe this week.

Talked to Kayla a little bit yesterday. or texted her you could say. I miss her. But....she seems to be holding her own and has a plan in place. Although I don't agree with her plans but at least she has a roof over her head right now. Better than the dreams I've been having that is for sure.

hugs to all. Have a wonderful weekend.

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