Friday, June 4, 2010

Good morning

and Happy FRIDAY!!!!
Today is a busy day. First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!! My daddy turns 60 today. While I am super excited for him and for a birthday (gotta love birthday's) 60 kinda makes me sad. The first thing that comes to mind is how many more years will I have with my dad? I know...weird way of thinking of things but that is how my brain works. Anyway....I ordered him a super special cake made my the most awesomeist cake decorator EVER and I can't wait to see it. We will surprise him with a cook out this evening.

I have an echo this morning. Hoping all goes well with that and then lots of running around to do inbetween. It's also the last day of school. Today Shawn has 1 final to take. I'm sure hoping he will do well. then it is a wait and see game. Next school year....that kid better pull his head out of his a$$ and do better than he did this last half of the year. That is for sure.

I have 2 painting projects this weekend to work on. One for the new guest room and the other for a coworker of Billy's. They are both going to be 24x36 in size. Here's hoping they turn out well.

Tomorrow we head on out to Conyers for Shawn to do his Staff week at NYLT Greenbar. I am super proud of him for doing this. Then a week later we pick him up and turn around to take him to Summer camp. So at least he starts the summer off with fun things right?

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