Friday, June 18, 2010

Dirty Scraps blog challenge

Pinky posted this challenge at a scrap site I visit and it just hit at the right moment. I felt it was something good to scrap about and anytime I can be creative and messy...well the stress goes away. The challenge was to scrap about stress and how you handle it or get rid of it. For me it is about art. I can jump into some crafting...some paint...anything art related and my stress will flow through what I am creating. there is no better stress reliever for me. I just wish I had more time to do it...maybe then I would have a stress free life... :)
Tomorrow we pick Shawn up at camp. I miss him and I am ready for him to be home.
Tomorrow we have a long talk with Kayla...hopefully. On her future...on the future of a few different things. It's a long needed conversation. And Sunday....well I can't wait to go to my dads...wrap my arms around him...tell him I love him....and tell him that I would never trade him for anything in this world.


NanaBeth said...

This is incredible-you are so talented. Know love and prayers are with you in your journey.

Pinky said...

OHHHH that is perfect!!! I love the whole page, I love the huge letters, you are so right, art does help!

MaRLeNeF said...

Awesome LO! thanks so much for playing along :)