Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's been a long week is finally at the end point for me. Today is my friday. So I am very much welcoming a 4 day weekend!

We have only 6 days left of school. Shawn is working feverishly to get his last two class grades up. One is a 62 and one is a 64 and he is holding the Math at 71 as long as he doesn't fail the accumlative they just finished. He has 4 major projects to turn in by tomorrow. 2 are complete. He needs to finish the 3rd one this morning and then work all night on the last one. And on top of that he got ISS (In School Suspension) for two days for having his phone in class. Not great timing that is for sure. Final exams are next week and then we wait to see. He HAS to pass Lit for sure. Science we will deal with. But Math and Lit are must pass classes. I will be ready for this school year to end and will pray that he has his head on straight next year and doesn't do what he did this last half of the year. He has really got to get his GPA back up so that he can earn the Hope. Right now...not looking so good.

Got all of Kayla's room packed up and stored in the closet. Just need to move a few more things. Tonight I will tape it all up and Friday I will repaint the room and get it all nice and decorated. I think Saturday we will be cleaning the carpets in there and the final touches Sunday. It will look like a whole new room. She is still away from home. 3 weeks today. Seems like it has been longer. And no plans on coming back home. She is enjoying her freedom too much even if she is moving from place to place and living out of her car :( I just don't understand it all but maybe someday it will sink in with her and she will grow up.

Sent a few layouts to Somerset Studios this morning. Crossing fingers that they like them. I also submitted to two Design Teams. One is Glue Dots (an adhesive company). I first tried their product at CKU Altanta and it was awesome. And the other is a paper company. I really want to accomplish this dream I have had for years to work with a manufacturer. I see so many of my friends on many teams and loving it and I just want to be there too. I CANT do it...I just need the break to get my foot in the door.

Scrap-Tastic's June kit ROCKS!!!! I got 5 layouts and 4 cards made out of that kit! We will be able to upload them this next week so keep your eyes out on here, at the site or on facebook for what Glenda and I did with the kit. to work. Get done what I can and then head home. I have lots to do this weekend. Today is trainer day...which by the way I am up 3 lbs!!! what the heck! I don't understand. Tomorrow I will work out again for my 4th day this week. My new goal is to work out 4 days a week and see if that helps jump start some weight loss. We have a huge family and friends day on Memorial day. It will be a fish fry. I LOVE THOSE!!! IT will be so much fun. I will do my best to remember to take pictures :) and then of course we will be working hard in the yard this weekend. Have a great holiday

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LollyChops said...

Hey B! Just dropping to say hello!

I hope things work out with the Glue Dots DT and that other paper company one as well! How cool would that be! Free dots!!! WOO HOO! They are just the best!

Don't worry about the weight gain! It happens to me as well! It's just your body adjusting to things. It will come off!

I hope you have a great weekend! It sounds like your room makeover is coming along really nicely!