Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial day

My Memorial Day weekend began on Friday. Which was nice. I really needed a 4 day weekend.

Friday I spent most of the day taking Kayla's room and redoing it into a guest room. I needed to get this done. It was more emotional than anything. I needed to close that door. She has beeen gone almost a month now. Actually one more week will be a month. I know it might seem really soon to redo her room but I needed too. It was that bubblegum pink and I decided to go darker and make it the sage green. I really like how it turned out. We cleaned the carpets and everything. I am proud of my Friday accomplisment.

Now to the fun stuff. If you have never hear of you MUST check them out. You go on their website and sign up to host a party. And they will randomly choose people based on your application to host a "party". You can invite whomever and acutally the first time I did one I just invited the girls at work to join me in my office for a lunch sandwich party :) well this one...was a canning party and LOOK what they sent me FREE!!! The canning pot....all the utensils....cookbook...tons of fun goodies. So I canned Saturday and made Pepper Jelly!!!! I can't wait to get enough strawberries so that I can make some preserves. and I will of course be pickling some okra and a few other things this summer as soon as the veggies start coming in. I couldn't believe everything they sent for free. You have got to check out that site!

tomorrow I will spend the whole day with my family. It is so much needed. Just friends and family. What a better way to spend a Memorial Day! We are having a fish fry with fish and turtle straight out of our lake. Fantastic!!!!

I hope you have a safe Memorial Day!

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latte_grande said...

Ooooh, I've always wanted to try my hand at awesome that they sent you all that stuff! Great job on the guest room, btw...looks fabulous! {{{{hugs}}}}