Saturday, May 22, 2010

saturday Happenings

Sorry it has been all week before I could get here. It's been a busy week. I scrapped 7 projects since Along with everything else going on it has just been super busy.

Today Shawn participated in the Warrior Dash and had a blast! He came home extremely muddy, sunburnt but happy. We watched Laura's kids (Finn, Justice and Riley) while they were at the run. Here are a few snapshots of our day with the kids.

Kayla stopped by. It upsets me every time I see her because I can't get her to see reason or to just come back home. It bothers me that she is going from place to place to live. I know I need to just let her but it is just super hard. We all have such wonderful dreams and hopes for our children and it is heart breaking when nothing we hoped for happens. I have raised them both to work give it their all...and this is just crazy.....its not what I dreamed of...not what I raised her to do....and just simply hard to let go.
Shawn spent the night with his friend Ricky so it is just Billy and I this evening. It seems we are having more and more "no kid" days which should make me happy but to be heart is simply missing peices and is lonely without my kids. Maybe I will get used to it. Let's hope so because in just 2 more weeks shawn leaves for 2 weeks and it will be just the two of us. He might get tired of
Just two more weeks of school left too. Not sure if Shawn will pull it out and pass. He is trying but it is just to close. He is so much smarter than he tried for this year. That dissapointed me because he could of been a B student with no problem. Guess we will see how this next week goes.
Oh...and the garage between Mama Mae's and Vera's caught on fire last night. Very odd. But luckily it was caught in time before major damage and luckily it wasn't one of the houses.
going to hit the couch and's been a long day

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