Friday, March 5, 2010

WOW 2 in one day!

Posts to my blog in one day that is...must be a!

Well the day went from poop to just even worse

Still no car although we are"hoping" and praying that the one we

saw in a car lot will be available tomorrow. It would be really nice...a little more than I want to spend but she will be paying us back!

Didn't make the GDC DT :( I'm sad about that! I was really excited. They will still be posting Guest DT's come monday so there is still hope. I went ahead and sent something in for the JilliBeans. That one would be really fun also. I also decided to enter the Paulding Art Show in April. BUT I need to get off this computer and get something completed to enter. I want to draw a water mill but I have put it off forever. now I have 3 weeks. Gotta love deadlines.

Here is the 30x40 painting I done to hang in the surgery center at work. I am hoping they will like it. So far anyone that saw it loved it. I wish you could see all the 3-D detail that is on it.

okay to draw....

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