Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to the work week

That weekend went a little to fast.

We spent Saturday morning looking for a car. Found one. It's a black Nissan Sentra. It is pretty nice. Scratched up a good bit. I wasn't excited about it being $4500. That was $1500 more than I wanted to spend for it. Here's hoping Kayla sticks to her end of the deal and we get paid back. If not I have me another car.

Took Tiger to the vet. 12 years old and still hanging on strong.

and I am very proud of my son. He dropped off his Eagle paperwork Saturday! It was missing a I hope that doesn't delay things. Now we wait.

Sunday was good. Most of the day. we spent it at home just taking care of things. Of course all great days must end and billy and I ended up fussing AGAIN. I'm really tired of the arguing. And it is always over the same thing.

But here we go with another week. Here's hoping work will be better this week.

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