Friday, March 5, 2010

Today royally stinks

Well this whole week...!
Last night Kayla's car died. Dead. Not running. Kaplunk.
Now what? She has a new job...still has school for a few more days before the break inbetween the quarters. How in the world are we going to find a car in a few days? She was scrambling to find rides to work for today and tomorrow. So now Billy is mad at ME and not speaking to me. Why....who in the world knows.

I started a painting yesterday that I was commissioned to do. I am not liking it. I know I am critical of myself but geesh...maybe I just wasn't in the mood to paint. Who knows. I still have one more to do but I brought it into work to see if they even like this one first. It's huge 30x40!

On a good note I did get a pub yesterday with Scrapbooking & Beyond for the Winter issue. Which now that I think about it I didn't even have time yesterday to do my write up and get it ready to ship....grrrr. I just need a few days to myself I think. To do all the things I need to do. I took last Friday off for just that reason and it was so nice but I guess I need more time....I don't know. This week has just been blah and it is dragging me under and quickly.

Today is the day that a DT is making their calls for the new DT. I sooooooooo want to be on this Design Team. And I could really use the pick me up :) Guess we will see.

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latte_grande said...

Ugh, sorry about Kayla's car...sheesh! And of course it's totally your fault, no wonder he's mad. :/ Wth? Why some men are like that, my teeny female mind just doesn't understand. (((hugs)))
Congrats on the pub!! I've just been so frustrated over trying to get published in the past and never hearing back, that I feel like I'm doing it wrong? Oh, well. Hey, when do we get to see your humongous new paintings? Can't wait! :)