Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Surely not?
I was surprised when we got 4 inches of snow just a few weeks ago but really.....more today?
I guess we will wait and see. Right now it is just raining with snow mixed but later in the morning will be the sure all on this. Some forcasts are saying rain...some have us up to 3 inches. That would just blow me away because I have never seen that much snow in a few months time here in Georgia. I know the kids would love it.

Sandy at Scrapperie was so kind and made me scrapper of the week. If I wasn't at work right now ;) I would add the cute blinkie to my blog. Will have to do that this evening when I get home.

Yesterday was just a pooh day at work. But then that is how it has been for a few weeks now. I am so over computer stuff and not knowing how to fix things. But the good thing is I took the stress to the gym and worked it out there. And if I knew what the weather was going to do...I would do the same thing today too.

On some bright notes...Shawn has completed his Eagle paperwork!!!!!!! All he has to do now is make a few more copies of it and then hand deliver it to the Scout Center this weekend....then find 4 people he wants to do his board of review! I am soooo PROUD of that boy!!!!!! I can't believe that hopefully in a few months he will be an Eagle Scout at the age of 16! He just doesn't understand yet how this will help him later in life. Way to go Shawn....now we just need to get the last few months done. BUT...that means I will have to give in and let him get his license...ugh. Why did I make that deal????? Oh yeah I know why...because I didn't think he would work so hard to get his Eagle. Lesson learned!

I did some scrapping yesterday and am so tickled with the way they both came out. I can't wait to share them. And Mr Partain LOVED his cabin painting! I was really nervous about that. That is only the 3rd person I have custom made something for and I always get nervous if they will like it or not. He took it home last night so I'm hoping Cindy liked it too.

Kayla started her new job yesterday. So far I think she likes it. She goes back today before she goes to school. We also have her signed up and registered for Spring Quarter. Here's hoping she finishes out the last week and a half with passing grades for this quarter. She needs at least a 2.0 to keep the Hope.

Alright....off to work I go. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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latte_grande said...

Omg, it's just crazy how much snow the South has been getting lately! When is Spring EVER gonna get here, ugh! lol
Congrats to Shawn on being so close to getting his Eagle! Amazing!