Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Sunday

Well yesterday was a boring day to say the least. everyone left me by myself. Hubby is out of town. Kayla worked and Shawn spent the night with someone. I didn't prepare myself for a day alone so I wasn't happy about it. I did get my bedroom currents up (well with the exception of one panel) and I like them so far. Got my quilt peiced together. Just have to start sewing. Didn't scrap anything at all but I did get some packages ready to mail.

I got the great news on Friday that I will have two layouts picked up by Scrapbooking & Beyond so I got them all ready to go.

Finally I sat down and watched New Moon again and then started the True blood series on HBO. I laughed my tush off at the first few episodes. And NOT something I would watch with the family that is for sure.

Today I have to go to CEDO for 8 hours and sit in classes. This is how I maintain my hours to keep my state license up to date. It makes for a really boring day. Matter of fact I need to get off this computer and get ready to go.
BUT at least I get to take tomorrow off for today. This will be a short work week as I took thursday afternoon and Friday off too :)

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