Monday, March 29, 2010

A day off from work

I just love days off from work. Sadly I had to spend 8 hours in class all day yesterday in order to get today off but I plan on taking Shawn to school...then hitting the gym for about an hour and then getting back home to get ready to meet my hubby for lunch. I have lots of errands this afternoon so it will be a busy day off.

Okay run..don't and pick up the April kit. I LOVED this kit. It really got me in the mood for Spring. And you should see what the rest of the Design Team did with it!!!! And even more exciting is that I submitted the Kayla 09 layout and it got picked up immediately :) wooohoooo! Along with the sunset layout I posted a few days ago. That always makes me happy!
Hope everyone's Monday goes well!!

1 comment:

LollyChops said...

You used one of my very most favorite pieces of paper in the whole entire planet on that LO way up at the top! MME - Abby Road with the green dots... I think I bought the store out of that paper... I even have it lining one of my supply boxes!!!

We sure do have similar (read: FABULOUS) tastes!!!!