Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Friday everyone

I have the day off and really excited about that today. Right now I am sitting in a quiet house as everyone else sleeps, sipping my coffee and surfing the web. Gotta love it :)

Got a fun filled day planned. Gotta take Shawn to school...then hit the gym for about an home take a shower...head to Kohls to find me some spring clothes...grovery store and then at 1 I am getting my hair highlighted and cut. I think I will be cutting about 4-5 inches off? We will see. I am due a pampering!

Yesterday I hung out at the house most of the afternoon while a technician put in Uverse in the house. Bye bye Comcast Cable and hello DVR and cool things! So far we like it. Emily brought over 4 paintings for me to get busy on. I can't wait. I am excited about this painting and hope I can do it justice and that it turns out how she likes it. I can't tell you how exciting it is to know that someone is hanging my artwork in their house. It so brings a smile on my face! I have 2 more paintings to do also so I should be pretty busy. Now to just get off my tush and do them. I need to get my last picture ready for the art show next week. I am entering two of them...I am going in not with big hopes of winning but it would be nice :) Sold another painting yesterday! Another big It is really nice to have found something that makes me so happy. Man I love ART!

Spring break starts after today. Not sure what I will do with my son for a whole week. He is going to drive me crazy to see this new girl he has feel head over heals for. It breaks my heart to be so tough on him because he is still failing 2 classes and I am still keeping him grounded. I know he is trying to bring them up....trying really hard.

This weekend is going to be beautiful and I plan on spending the entire weekend OUTSIDE working in the yard. I love it. Now that I have been working out I feel better....more energy...I want to do more...I love it. I just wish I was seeing body results but that I am not. Still not losing weight or inches like I want. It's been 3 months now since I started....but I'm not giving up.

No pictures to share today. No layouts to post. But maybe sometime this weekend I can get one done for you and share.

Have a blessed Friday blog world!

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