Sunday, February 7, 2010

A weekend quickly gone again

So this weekend went by pretty quickly. Faster than I wanted it to because I really don't feel I got anything accomplished. Saturday was spent mostly on the road running here and running there. I did get the love painting above completed and my friend Rosalind from California bought it. I wish I could fly out to her house to see my artwork hanging on her walls. She has some of my favorite pieces and that excites me so much.
Sunday wasn't much better on the getting things done. My quilt is STILL sitting in the chair unfinished. Kayla had to use my computer from 8 until 3 today to do school work she was behind on so I got no computer work done. but I did finish the coffee painting above and one scrapbook page. Headed out to Michael's and got a 28x26 canvas to start painting a cabin picture for a friend of the family. this one really makes me nervous but I will see what I can do. I sent an email to the Paulding arts Association to see if they are still having an art show in March. If so I really need to get busy drawing a picture I started last year but I will wait and see what they say first I guess. Not really ready to start the work week all over again. Last week was just to stressful for me but hopefully this next week will be better.
My work out from Wednesday STILL has me hurting. I am thinking I need to chat with the trainer and tell him to tone it down some. I can't believe how much I still hurt. I did go and just walk on Friday. I tried my hand at running some but was only able to run about 1/4 a mile if that. Maybe I can do more this next week. We will see. I still haven't dropped any weight. That is frustrating...very frustrating.
Hope everyone has a great upcoming week....
Oh and I didn't finish in the top of the Purple Cow contest. But at least I was in the top 25 which was exciting. I wish I could of known a little more so I could of asked for votes but I guess we went about it the right way of just having people vote for who they liked. I am just excited to have been in the 25. Kinda gave me some confidence to keep on submitting which I have slacked up on. Just haven't had any luck or to many no's coming my way that have shot me down so I kinda just stopped for a bit. Sometimes I think my time of glory is fading fast or already over with. time will tell I guess

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