Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Painting for the day

I started this painting on Tuesday....had planned on finishing on Wednesday but shall I say the trainer kicked my tush once again. I barely can lift my arms over my head. We did nothing but triceps and biceps was I didn't finish this painting until today. I think it turned out pretty cute. It's different. I wasn't sure if I would like the writing along the bottom but it is growing on me. This one is 16x20 and will sell for $40. I hit Michaels today and was able to get 6 jars of my acrylic paint for $12! they usually retail for $10.00 a jar! I was BEYOND excited may I just say! now mind you they are all funky colors but hey...paint is paint right :)
Bought some more canvases too. Why I don't know because I seriously can't paint anything else until I sell some of these . I have used up all my spare room in my craft room and can't store anymore. I just am not sure how to get them out there more than I already do. Oh will happen sometime.
I need to get back into scrapping some more. I got 6 layouts done at the end of January but I have a layout I need to start now that is due next week. I am just stumped on what to do with the page. I need an inspiration whack upside the head :)
Weighed in today and I am not so proud to say I have lost NOTHING in the last 6 weeks. Not a single pound. What is up with that...grrrrr. I will not measure until next week so we will see what that tells me.
Tonight is Grey's night. I hope I can stay up and watch it. I am so pooped from all the stuff I am trying to get done at work. It is really draining my brain waves let me just tell ya. I am so ready for this weekend to get here so I can rest up some.
Hope all is going well on your end. Just tired and stressed over here but I will see the light eventually. I DO need to finish this last project I have for a special friend. I just have a tad bit more to do on it and I can mail it. If I didn't spend so much time on FACEBOOK I am sure it would be done
hugs and love from me to you....

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