Friday, January 8, 2010

A few paintings for ya...nd SNOW

There's nothing like a snow day to give you some extra creativity time. Although....

I think I would of rather been at work so that I wouldn't have to listen to arguing, etc...but anyway....the kids were out of school and the roads were pretty bad. Now I know you guys that see this stuff every year wonder what our hang up is about the south...people just do not know how to drive in his stuff. Not only did we get a dusting of snow...but what you DONT see under that pretty white stuff is the solid sheet of ice that we guys here in the south get. lovely ice. Ice that caused a 21 car pile up on 2-85 this morning. Ice that pretty much closed all the "rabbit trail" roads and secondary roads. It was a mess this morning. This afternoon. and I am sure this evening as it hasn't gotten into the 30's yet today so all this stuff is staying at least for another day.

On top of that...we had NO heat once again. What ever they did Thursday...well it blew the fuse again and this time there was NO emergency heat so we had to sleep with the kerosene heater going. Which made for a very unrestful night as I was afraid something would catch on fire, etc. the HVAC guys came back out today and replaced a heating strip and now it is running on emergency. They want to see if it will do that through the weekend and then come back out on monday to work on the actual unit to see what the problem is there.

Sooooooooo since I had to stay home today...I got 3 paintings done :) Whatcha think! All are for sale and I think they turned out pretty cool. I hug my Coffee set that I did the other day in my kitchen. I love it! And very proud of myself. I guess I need to make a few more just in case someone else likes them or I can do it as a "custom order" kinda thing. We will see I guess.

Alrighty...signing off and getting to work on this quilt that I am having a doozy of a time finishing.

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