Sunday, January 10, 2010

another painting...and frigid temps

Well it was like 0 degrees yesterday. Can you believe that. that is with the windchill. just totally crazy. We ventured out and found several bad ice spots. On the way to the grocery store we had to creep along the road.

It is slowly melting and should all be gone by Monday I would think. We should get back up into the 50's for highs. Hopefully then we can get the heater completely working. It has hung in for almost 2 days now...knock on wood.

I got up this morning and needed to paint so here my creation for the day. This one is 16x20. I also hung the "coffee" set up in my kitchen. My first paintings to hang in my house. I am extremely proud of them :) and really like them hanging there. I think I just might go hang another painting in my bedroom that I have hung on to for a while now. Might as well enjoy them right.

didn't get any scrapping done this weekend nor did I finish working on the quilt. But I did do alot of facebooking and

For this week: Well I have my first weigh in for the month. I plan on joining the gym down the street. I plan on completing a full week at work with no catasrophies. And I plan on attending a painting class this coming up Saturday. Here's to a good week!

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