Sunday, December 27, 2009

ready for the new year

We had a great Christmas. Just having my family together was wonderful. I missed now having my dad's side of the family together again this year but I will do my best to change that next year.

The kids had a great morning and seemed to like what I got him this year. The only mistake was that I bought Shawn and Billy new deer hunting knives. And since yesterday....Billy has cut himself twice. The worst needed urgent care today and required 3 stitches. I told him he was on restriction.

The tree is up and in storage...all the decorations packed away...all the trash out at the curb...and I am ready to bring in the new year.

I sold two more paintings yesterday! woot woot! And painted a 3 peice last night. Hope I can sell it too. I am off work the next few days so I am working on trying to order note cards with my house pictures on them....maybe some of the paintings on there. We will see....I hope they will sell. I've been saving up my picture money to use for this so I am crossing my fingers.

It's been a long day...wish I had more to share...I am off the next two days so hopefully I will be more talkative tomorrow morning ;) but right now I am going to hit the up in my new snuggie....and then go to bed as soon as I can!

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