Monday, December 28, 2009

New Painting

Here is my newest painting. It's 3 8x10 canvases and is painted in a red and gold. The red kinda looks orange here but it really is a red. I just couldn't get good lighting on it. This turned out pretty cool I thought. I am going to sell it for $65.00. If you know anyone who would like it....send them my way :)
I sold two other paintings over the holiday weekend. I was stoked about that! I've almost got enough money saved now from selling a few to order my notecards that I want to put my pictures on. I just need to sell a few more and then I can get them ordered and packaged to sell.
We are heading out to see Jeff Dunham this evening. Should be lots of fun. I have today and tomorrow off from work and plan on getting a few things accomplished....I hope :)

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