Thursday, December 24, 2009

I miss you..

(wow...3 blog posts in two days...that's a record)

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. It's Christmas eve and my favorite person is not here to celebrate it with me. She loved this time of year. She would be the first person to call on Christmas eve and wish everyone a Christmas Eve gift. It was a game of sorts to see who would be the first to call and say it. She always won...except that last few years she was here I always beat her to it.

I miss you Nanny! You are always in my heart. Always. I never let a Christmas go without thinking about you and talking to you. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tree at your headstone and I hope you saw the tree we decorated at the store just for you. Christmas is not the same without our get together at your running together if only for one night....a fantastic feast...and just being with you. Now darn've got me cryng! I wish you were still here. I know that is being selfish because you are in such a better place and you are having the best Christmas ever with our Lord and my grandaddy...but I still miss you...still wish you were here.

I love you Nanny...Merry Christmas

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Emily said...

Know how much you love and miss your Nanny. She is showering her love down on you this Christmas Eve Day. Hugs to ya.