Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!!!!!!

New Years Eve! Wow! I can't believe this year has finally came to a close.
What an odd and awesome year it has been.
A small recap:
  • Kayla graduated from high school
  • She also turned 19 and started college (Chattahoochee Technical School)
  • She got her first real job
  • Shawn became a sophmore in high school
  • Attended his first GreenBar campout and actually interviewed to be on staff for next year
  • He completed all his Eagle Scout paperwork and is just awaiting on a few letters to send the application in (Next year he will be an Eagle Scout!!!)
  • He turned 16
  • I entered my FIRST photography competition
  • I also entered my FIRST art competition in 20 years
  • Set up my very FIRST art booth at a fair!
  • Sold my very FIRST painting and drawings
  • do you see a pattern
  • So excited that I got back into drawing and painting. It has been awesome!
  • Celebrated 15 years here at work
  • Billy and I have been married for 11 years
  • took a break from scrapping for a while but when I got back on board I made the design team for Scrap-Tastic and
  • Billy got stitches in his hand for the very first time
  • Shawn got a dear during hunting season
  • Started really saving money and cutting coupons...its been kinda fun and challenging
  • Kayla went to her first prom at the Fox Theatre
  • I dropped 10 more lbs and 2 pants sizes. Went from a 14 to a 10!
  • Started my own art website where I can sell my paintings. Just need to get my name out there
  • Ordered my first ever Note cards using my artwork!
  • Pulled out my sewing machine and made my very first rag quilts. Ended the year by making 9 of them!
  • Took my very first art class at the Red Cockerill Gallery

That is pretty much a quick on to 2010!

  • I am going to take my art even further. I am planning now on entering another art show in March and another possible photography competition.
  • I have sent in my paperwork to be put on the invitation list for Paulding Meadows Art Fair in September. I want to be a vendor.
  • I plan on losing another 10 lbs. Small steps is the way I am taking this one. I checked into joining a local workout gym to help me along.
  • Plan on Kayla completing her first year in college. Crossing fingers she does well
  • hoping Shawn will try out for track at his high school. Should start this spring
  • shawn will become a junior in high school (hopefully)
  • Shawn will also become an Eagle Scout! I have never been so proud of him!
  • I want to spend more time with my family taking small trips or weekend getaways
  • I want to save lots and lots of money and pay off extra on bills by shopping smart and using coupons. I will get us started by using the Dave Ramsey budget beginning January 1!
  • Billy will celebrate being 50 this year and my parents will both turn 60. I want to throw them all a great surprise birthday party.
  • Start working on a fun and cool presents for this next Christmas. Everyone got quilts this year so I want to do something different.

Okay that is all I can think of right now. My biggest goal is just getting my art business going and selling more. I think 2010 is going be a fun and exciting year. I can just feel it!

Here's wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. Stay safe and I hope 2010 brings you everything you want it to!

Love the Thackston family

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