Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a great weekend

It has been a fun weekend. I got these ballerina shoes completed. I'm not going to mat or frame these until someone wants them. I think that is how I am going to do things now...just wait and see if someone asks for it because I just can't afford all these mat and storing them all. I am going to work on a few more pictures today I think.

I spent all day yesterday being crafty. I loved it. By 9:30 I had already been to the grocery store, Michael's, Kohl's, got gas and found the sunday paper. By 3:00 I had completed 2 rag quilts, 1 purse and sewn pictures on another quilt. Now all I have to do is rag and wash the two finished ones. I also stayed up until 11 playing with genealogy stuff. So it was a GREAT day...oh and I got one layout completed and submitted it to a magazine.

The boys will be back this afternoon from their hunting trip. I am going to make homemade chili for supper and some rice krispie treats. Will work on some more genealogy this morning and maybe draw this afternoon. Some where in there I need to finish the quilts but we will see how it goes. My back is not my friend today after laying all in the floor with the quilts yesterday.

It's cold outside...nice and cold...I turned the heat on in the house and it just really feels like fall now. I love it. I can't believe the month is already winding down. My mom's birthday is tomorrow. Pretty soon mine will be around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Becky, another beautiful drawing! Showed it to Samantha and she said she loved it, too.

Milissa said...

OMG ... Becky ... how much are you asking for that ... I have to have that for my youngest daughter!!!! She is in ballet .... just started pointe... email me please! Just beautiful!!!!