Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Plugging through the week

Slowly but surely.

It's been doing nothing but raining here...yet again. Our ground is so full of water it is going to take 2 weeks of pure sunshine to dry it all up. It's crazy! I am officially sick of rain!

Check out NutsaboutSketchs this week and see what we all did with this weeks Sketch #78. I was going to upload mine but I think the kids moved my file so I need to go find it....Will do that tomorrow I promise. Oh wait....found it!! shewwww.....! I am working on Kayla's New York album so I loved this sketch and how I could use her airline tickets in place of pictures!
What's been going on this week.....well....
Lauren Grace was born today weighing 5lbs and 15 oz and only a 5-6 weeks early. Baby Lauren is in NICU and mom is doing great. So this makes me a GREAT AUNT! I am so excited. I can't wait to hold her. And I am excited because her Christmas present will just be PERFECT!
Had to take Kayla to the ER Sunday. It appears she had a concussion from a Thursday incident. All is okay and not much they could do. She seems a whole lot better now. Wish I would of read up on concussions and that there was nothing to do...would of saved us a few thousand dollars...but I guess better safe than sorry right....and now I know her head is harder than I originally
We finished decorating for Halloween at work. The office looks great. Now that it is done I can start working on my pumpkin for the pumpkin decorating contest.
The boys are heading hunting this weekend which is good for me so that I can finish these 3 quilts I have to make and get some projects finished. It is just easier to do when they aren't here.
My heart walk is just 17 days away and sadly I have only received $25 in donations. I have sucked in raising money this year. I am almost ashamed to even show up and walk BUT I will! Because it is for a good cause and because we all need healthy hearts! to bed I go. night night blog land

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Mara... said...

Wow! You've had a busy week!! I hope you dry out soon. Great 2-page layout, love the colors!