Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's only Wednesday

and it is already a long week....
Tuesday I had an ENT visit. 14 more days of antibotics...swab test...and a CT scan in about 3 weeks (that is if I can afford it) and then we go from there. Gotta see what is causing these sinus infections.

Today was the dr visit for Shawn.

Tomorrow is the high school open house night.

i've been buried in genealogy stuff...giggle no pun intended...and inbetween have been scrapping and painting. It feels real good to get my mojo back. I've been scopping out DT's the last few days. I really would like to get back on a kit DT or something like that. I wish oh how I wish...I could get on with a manufacturer but I have like zero luck with that. I just need that creative push that those jobs give me. It's hard not having it. Haven't been to luck on the submitting home front either. Have been sending everything in lately and no bites...that is a bummer... some paint drying...bought 5 more canvases....and a huge shadow box frame for another project...

off to create

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