Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday update

Yesterday was open house at the high school. I was very impressed with the school. Considering all of Shawn's classes were in mobile unites last year...and there were 40 of them....this year...not a mobile unit in sight! Instead there were parking lots and new grass! It looked great. And the new 2 story building of classrooms is fantastic. Very pleased!

Shawn's first half of the year, we are doing block scheduling this year, is Spanish 3 for 1st and 2nd period, then he has Math Support for 3rd, then he will need to RUN all the way down to the football field for Weight Training for 4th...then RUN all the way back up to the school for Math II for 5th and then to finish off the day he has Honors World History in 6th and 7th. NOW......I LOVE all his teachers from what I can see so far....Spanish teacher is his long ago 6th grade only Math. Why you so many short words...she is HOT! So either he is going to do REALLY well or he is going to be majorly distracted! Seriously..he couldn't tell me what colored shoes she had on! (by the way that is a running joke with him and his father if they see a pretty girl).

All and all I think this will be a great year. He is excited. AND he signed up for fall baseball. So he is about to see what real boys playing ball are all about. He is pretty stoked about that. And his dad is pretty excited but trying to hide it. They already were outside throwing around a ball last night. And talking about going this weekend to find two gloves. lordy lordy.

But I will have to secretly admit that I would LOVE to see my son playing ball again! And at least this will get him prepared for trying out for Spring ball.

I finished one more painting last night. It is the last painting in my love/dream series. This one is yellow and will be faith. I will try and post them this evening. If I have time. I have physical therapy this afternoon and then Shawn is going to the scrimmage game with his girlfriend. Then I think Billy and I will head out to FatBack's and have us some dinner alone!

have a great day...and have a great Friday!

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