Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming to an end...

the weekend that is! Man it sure did go by fast. I hate that. I am not ready for the work week to begin tomorrow :(

But then I can't believe September is just around the corner which means FALL which I can't wait for. I opened the windows for just a little while today but it was really a tease because I want to leave them open all day long. Sure would help the light bill.

Went on a submission frenzy today! About time. I haven't submitted a bunch in a while so it was past due that is for sure. Crossing fingers that some of them come back with good emails :)

This weekend was at least productive. I completed 5 ATC cards for my All about Me kit. I was a little behind on prompts but all caught up now. Got a quilt sewn. just need to finish the ragging part and wash it. We got a new garage door opener to the wonderful tune of $1000! Yep you heard that right! Lovely huh. Had to replace the opener due to the lightening frying it AGAIN...and then Friday morning one of the huge springs that holds the door snapped in two...had to replace it along with all the springs and rollers. BUT we now have a 10 year warranty so bring it on bad weather. I am ready for you now!

Washing machine is about to die. It sloshes when you move it. I am pretty sure it isn't suppose to do that. but if I get a new washer by golly it is going to be one of those front end loading huge things. which means I would have to buy the dryer too which means a whopping $3000 so I guess I will be dealing with my sloshing machine for a while.

I have just this one painting that I did this past week. I told myself I can't buy anymore canvases until I sell a few more paintings. So I posted them all up on etsy and on facebook...will just wait and see what happens. Last night I dreamed I opened up my own art store. Funny huh. I also drew this storm with charcoal in about 20 minutes I guess during the storms Friday night while we were waiting on the garage door repairman. nothing fancy and surely nothing art contest worthy but it sure was a fun quickly drawing just to see if I could do it.

update on the kids: Shawn didn't make the cut for Fall Baseball but he talked with the coach and will be attending conditioning and practicing really hard for the Spring Ball tryouts for JV. We hope he can do it and make it. I know he really wants this right now. School went well for the first week. He is happy with all his classes so far which is great. Lets hope that lasts all year long. He really likes the new block scheduling that they have. I think I might like it too. Kayla should be getting her college classes this week or next or we think at least. can't wait to see what classes she will have.
I finally decided to have the CT scan done. Not looking forward to the cost of that but even after 3 weeks of antibiotics my head is still hurting and my ears hurt. This morning my teeth hurt. So there has to be something going on up there. So I guess it is important to take care of myself huh...they should call in the morning and schedule that.
September brings all the depression money months. I am not looking forward to that..thats for sure. Car tags, land tax, now this CT scan and a few other things. Just when I think I am getting ahead know how that goes. to do something around here creative!

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