Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a day...

today has been a truly trying day.

A dear friend and coworker has been diagnosised with cancer. Sadly...there is not much that can be done. It has spread. I have known her for 15 years. She has watched my children grow from 6 month old babies to the young adults they are now. She has watched me go through a divorce and then find the love of my life. We even shared the same cats :) Our cats were brothers. She really has touched my life in so many ways and it is very hard to sit here and know what a huge mountain she has to climb and not knowing what the future will hold. It hurts my heart to picture her in my mind knowing that this time next year...she may not be here. It is really all in God's hands at this point and her faith is so strong. Her will is so strong. If only I could become who she is now. I admire her will so much. Her dedication. Her love for life.

Then of course my mind slips to the denial and the anger. Why her. Even though she looks at it as meant to be...as her life with cancer will help someone else survive it...I can't help but be angry that such a wonderful life will be taken this way. It's not fair.

But if there is anything to learn from this it is that your life here on earth is a loan....how you use that loan...how you spend it...is all up to God. We never know how long that loan will be good for...so please make good of it..while you have it. Don't take the days for granted. Tell the people you love...that you love them. Give that extra smile to someone who needs it. Wrap your arms around that friend who needs a pick me up. Don't go to bed angry. Make sure when your kissing your family goodnight that you let them know...you love them. Don't put off to tomorrow...what really needs to be taken care of today. Each minute...it is important.

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