Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photography contest

Well the photography contest was Sunday. I didn't place. There were 52 entries and some of them were really WOW! It appears, after some research, that the gentleman that won seems to win pretty regularly. Last year he won 1st, 3rd and Best of Show. So oh well...I don't really see any sense and trying again if he is in there winning each year. It was awesome to see my work hanging there and even more awesome that it is hanging there until July 11th. Reminds me of high school when my art hung in the art gallery in Dallas for a few weeks. It's a great feeling.

I need to find an outlet, something to put my art into. I thought about drawing but I just don't have the time to draw right now. There doesn't appear to be very many photography competitions out there and after Sunday I am not sure mine is good enough for those. I looked for places to submit photography but couldn't find any. I haven't had any luck submitting my scrapbooking to the few places I have had luck with over the last few years. Kinda wonder if that is in the past now? Which if it is that is okay. I am so excited and pleased with what I did get published. Way excited.

I haven't scrapped much lately...maybe that is the problem...I just need to get in there and scrap but I am almost feeling like I need something...I need another outlet...something to spark interest again in me. But I just don't know what it is.

On the homefront:
Shawn's been gone now for 5 days and I am MISSING HIM!!! seriously! I can't wait for Saturday to get here. I hope he is having a great time camping. Kayla got her crown taken off and a healing post on so that her gums can heal up again. She goes back next week to the oral surgeon for review. Not sure when she will get her tooth back on again. This just couldn't have been an easy process...not us...nah. Billy...well we don't seem to agree much on the kids and now with Kayla out of school...he is wanting me to let her go just like that. Well it isn't that easy. I have had this baby for 19 years and it is hard to just let go...know what I mean. Kayla is off to open her savings account on her own today :) and hopefully will get her transcript tomorrow so we can get her college application in the mail.

nothing else exciting going on. It's actually nice to not have anything pressing to do! Give me a few more days and I will be going crazy though. Gotta find me an artistic outlet and NOW!


Emily said...

I know you didn't place in the photography contest, but I still think your photos are fantastic!
Another creative outlet, huh? Hmmmm, you could open up a store with me?!?!? hahahahahaha (just wanted you to smile).
Not that I know what it's like for having a chickadee grow up, but I can imagine that I would feel the same way. Take the time you need, I'm sure it will get a little easier with time. Besides, it's not like she is moving out yet..she's always gonna need her mama ( I know I do!)
Alright, gotta go, kids are hungry.

Christine said...

i think you should keep entering your photos! don't let that one guy stop you. i understand about getting creative elsewhere...