Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another weekend gone

We got back at midnight last night from picking shawn up at Leadership Campout (NYLC). He had a great time. Minus all the bug bites, dirt and ticks...he had a really good time. Him and his friend Ricky talked all the way home...hour and a half drive.

It was great. I am so glad we sent him. Scouting is seriously the best thing I think we could of enrolled Shawn into. He got his paperwork back yesterday so he just has a few more steps left and he can apply for Eagle Scout. THAT....will be the best accomplishment ever!

So I am resting and relaxing today....Not doing anything if I don't have to! Love it.

Oh I weighed in Wednesday and lost .8 so now I am down 3.4. Although this week hasn't been good and my scale is showing up a lb which would really not make me happy.

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Laurajean said...

Congrats on the weight loss girl, I so need to get off this big butt of mine and do something.
I'm so sad about Tally too, and I do hope someone buys it...
But if not, we will have to chat here and on facebook ;)