Sunday, June 7, 2009

I present to you

My new Sophmore! Playing football at the grad party

Hats are flying. And some how I lucked up and got a picture of her in that crazy crowd of 475. she is in the bottom left corner

This is her boyfriend Chris

When she found out she got a laptop!

Accepting her diploma. the tears were really falling now! WOW. I just can't believe it

Taking the long walk back to her seat
Before graduation

When did she grow up????
my Graduate! Of East Paulding High School...Class of '09! Now an adult and ready to take on the world.

Graudation was wonderful. Over 475 students and they got it done in about 2 hours. I was amazed. The weather was perfect. And yes I cried! ALOT! The party yesterday was great. Again the weather held out wonderfully! Now the summer has officially began and all I have to worry about is getting Shawn to all his campouts and getting Kayla ready to register for college this fall. Oh and I guess saving up for the first $$ part of college. Lets hope she can get the Hope Grant or something along that lines.
Shawn is now a Sophmore. Boy he really pushed that one but ended up with a 71 in Math. He's gotta do lots better next year. Seriously better if he wants to get into Georgia Tech. Or to get the Hope Scholarship. We will see I guess. School starts back mid August so hopefully he will have a great summer and get prepared to start all over again.
and I kinda feel like part of my life is back now. no stress. No more planning. Maybe I will have some time for me now.


Leah Crowe said...

oh my.. what a gorgeous young woman you have there, Becky!

NancyP said...

Ohhh, what memories these bring back!! I have already been attending my grandchildrens graduations in years past!!! Next it will be the great grandchildren!!! Life marches on, like it or not!!! I wish her a wonderful life!!!

emily said...

Oh, what great photos for you to scrap, Becky! She looks wonderful and I know you are all so very proud of her!

Nikki said...

So hard to believe they grow up so quickly! Wonderful pics! She's a beautiful girl! congrats on the graduation!

rachel whetzel said...

I'm crying just THINKING about when this is my turn. You tell that girl CONGRATS!!

NancyJones said...

awwwww I feel she grew up right before our eyes. so happy to see these photos and yes I picked her out in that crowd of hats flying hahahahaha. love these pics beck!

Laurajean said...

WOOHOO Kayla...Congratulations girl and Woohoo for mom too. I still have a few years until Danielle gets :)