Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday and counting

Already counting to Friday. There should be something against wishing your days away. But the sooner I can get to the weekend the happier I think I will be.

Actually feel like a person today. My head doesn't hurt as bad which is good. I am ready for this stuff to get gone.

Still haven't finished the layout laying on my desk. Maybe tomorrow. I think this evening I am just going to curl up on the couch for a while. Everyone here is as grouchy as can be so I would do best to just go hide so they don't make me grouchy too...lol.

Okay so I have my 3 pictures picked out for the photo contest. Gotta have them enlarged and matted. That will be here before I know it. Also got to sit down and get ready to write out all the graduation announcements. Don't think I will get to that this weekend but maybe next. Billy told me Kayla needs to do them but my gosh have you ever seen her handwriting...nope...think I will write them out :)

Still no news on the job front for her. What else is new right! She applied last night to Rue 21. Here's hoping. Something. Soon. Please. For my sanity.

My mom and dad should be coming back tomorrow from their camping trip. And we only have 2 more weeks until we head off for another camping trip for the weekend. And we found out today that Shawn has been invited to go to Greenbar which is a Scout Leadership campout for a week. I am excited about that and he seems to be too. Which is cool.

Okay...gotta get off this computer. sorry I haven't shared any layouts lately but I can't share the ones I've been working on. I will have a few coming up. Can't wait to share my GutterGirlz layout for this next prompt!

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