Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another weekend coming to an end

They just don't last long enough. I need about 2 more days off from work. I slept so good Friday night. 10 hours of much needed sleep. But last night...not so much. I swear I was up every so many hours. I hate nights like that.

Yesterday was a busy day. I piddled around the house working on little things. Hanging pictures here, cleaning there, washing clothes, making blankets...and even got one more layout done for MMM. But now I am second guessing and wondering if I should just submit them to a mag and forget about MMM. I do that every time. I don't know why. I just don't think my stuff is wow enough for HOF or MMM.....or that my style is just to blah. Anyway.....still don't know what I will do. But i do know I seriosuly need to figure up what is up with the stitching on my computer so that I can scan these and get them stitched together. It is just not working for me.

Kayla got her announcements Friday. They look great and yes I cried. Man this will be a hard 7 weeks!

My mom and dad are off camping for 4 days. Way down in South GA with the alligators. I hope they are having a great time.

We went to the funeral home last night. My Uncle lost his dad. He was 94 years old. But I know he was ready to go home. At have to be. That is a long time to live these days.

Today will hold not a lot. I am going to try and finish some projects that I started a year ago that I wanted to get done before Kayla's party. It is suppose to storm here again. Great. Wonder what electronics we will lose this time. Geesh! Got to go feed my sisters cats since they are gone.

hugs to all

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