Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great weekend...

We have had a great weekend. Yesterday, Saturday, we spent the day at my families lake from 6:30 in the morning to about 5:30 in the afternoon. We were having a bass tournament so we were helping out with it. We had 5 boats show up and the largest fish caught was just a hair from being 5 lbs. Man he was a beauty too! Got me to wanting to fish but I can't fish without live bait so I didn't do well and didn't catch anything. I was so exhausted though that I hit the bed at 8:30 and was out! We didn't get up until almost 8 this morning. The kids went to the Renisannce Festival with my sister. They had a great time.

This morning we hit the Waffle House for some yummy breakfast and then to Home Depot to get our plants for the garden. I got a few gardenia bushes and a Peonia bush to plant. Billy is building 2 more raised beds and then we will plant our tomatoes, peppers, okra and squash.

Kayla got a job! She will be working at Sun Valley Beach doing office work for now. We are pretty excited about that. But will have to fork out some money to get a cheap car for her to drive back and forth to work. This next week will be our expensive week. Kayla goes tomorrow for the mold of her tooth and then we should be getting that in just a few weeks. I want even begin to tell you how much that will cost. I could buy a good used car for what we are paying for this implant tooth. Lots going on this week too. Lots of band practice and their Spring Concert. We start working on the graduation announcements and getting them ready to mail. Got to take Kayla to orientation on Friday and then she starts work on saturday.

I haven't gotten any scrapping done since last week. Just haven't had the time to. I thougth I would sit down today while we are watching the race (that is if we get done planting) and work on making a rag quilt purse! Yep my latest "I'm going to give this a try and if it works sell some"

Been working some on genealogy and made some new "relative" friends. That is always fun. Wish I had a few days to just sit and play on the computer and look thru my data and theirs but nope...haven't had the spare time. as always.

Hope all is well your way. We are slowing working thru the "to do" list to get ready for her graduation party. I finished a few more projects and now we are getting the flower beds out front to look half way decent. The one in the back is finished :) and then I will tackle the deck flower pots in a few weeks. Gotta keep them alive at least for 2


R said...

Congrats on Kayla's employment!
and its a "inside" job too I hear!
I hope she will enjoy!
Easy does it on the money-
"I'll leave the light on for ya."

emily said...

Whooohooo! WTG, Kayla!
And don't worry about not scrapping. You've been such a busy gal.

Emily said...

Oh, I am so happy about Kayla! If she needs a ride and you can't take her, please let me know. I will be more than happy to take her :-)