Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hello all

Good Tuesday Morning!

Out camping trip was GREAT! We packed up Friday...and even took the dog...and headed to the campsite. Took us about 45 to get there in the Friday traffic. Shadow did great...actually better than I thought he would. He stayed in his cage thingy when ever we put him in there and didn't complain. I didn't know how he would do at night but Billy only had to get up once to walk him. He didn't even bark! It was kinda cold Friday night. Saturday we woke to a chilly morning but it was so nice by lunch time. Shorts came out and we just layed around in the sun. I got a pretty good sun burn that day. We took Shadow home just so he wouldn't have to deal with the upcoming bad weather. Sunday was suppose to rain but the boys got up and went fishing and the sun popped out and it really turned out to be a beautiful day. I have never in my life seen a GREEN sky....yes Green. From all the pollen. It was like pollen clouds. Amazing but so nasty to breathe. We all got headaches and our eyes hurt. It was gross. We cooked a big supper Sunday night and sat around the campfire playing games and just chatting. Oh and making smores. We turned in kinda early....funny how just laying around camp makes ya tired.

I finished my book. Shawn fished for two days with his new fishing pole. I took lots of pictures. Kayla just stayed around playing games. Billy just enjoyed the outdoors. Sunday night the bad weather came in. Although we didn't get rain like I thought we would...I did think the wind was going to blow over our camper. It was horrible. It beat and banged along the camper and the awning wasn't helping much. We thought about rolling it up at 1 in the morning but we waited until the sun came out and then we put the awning up. It was cold and windy. yucky camping weather. So we packed up as soon as we could and our friends Kim and Charles, who was camping with us, packed up too. They were going to stay until Wednesday but when the weather calls for SNOW...its time to pack up. We got home about 1 in the afternoon. It was truly a great campout. Relaxing and refreshing. A little sunburt and 3 inches of pollen in my lungs but overall it was great.

We made our first backyard potatoes and cherry cobbler in our cast iron dutch oven and I must say OMG it was yum!!!

so today I have the day off too and I'm sitting here waiting to get the kids up. We have dentist appointments this morning, last minute grocery run, petsmart and target run. Then I am coming home to scrap. I actually got 2 pages done yesterday! WOHOOO.

We got a call from Billy's dr. He went Friday. His cholesterol is bad. high actually at 243 for the total and the LDL is 153. The HDL is good they said at 81 and his PSA test was fantastic which is good. So they called him in Zoclor to start taking one a night for 3 months and then go back for a checkup. I'm not sure if he will take these meds but we will see. I don't want him stroking out or having a heart attack on me. So I will do what I need to make him get healthy. Guess the whole family needs to turn around and start. Sooooooo we will be cooking better that is for sure. And not as much junk. Shawn is trying to bulk up so I know he needs certain things. Kayla just needs to lose some weight and start trying to eat healthier...but she is the hardest to open her eyes to what she needs to do. Me...well the weight loves me and just hates to leave...lol. But I'm trying.

Oh.....and while camping I came to the decision that I will once again......throw care to the wind....and try out for Memory Makers Masters. I've tried twice before. and out of those I did get one layout published which was exciting. So now that you don't have to send them the layouts I really want to do it again. Now to just come up with 4 really WOW pages. yeah...that is the hard part.

Okay off to get this day started. Pictures of my camp out to come later today!


R said...

Blame it on the dog-

Took the previous pup home did ya?Well, he deserves a warm weather place to lay his precious head.

latte_grande said...

Omg, your comments about the pollen made me LOL! Three inches in your lungs, huh? Yuck! :)
You can TOTALLY do the MMM thing! You'll have NO problem coming up with something WOW!!