Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going camping

Well first off I am proud to announce that Kayla DID win the drawing contest she entered. She won a $25 Gift Card to Best Buy and a movie ticket. She was excited...and I was tickled!

We are leaving to go camping tomorrow. For 4 full days. It will be nice to get away. But I will miss my computer and all these fun games I have grown so addicted to. Maybe it will be good to get away from the

See ya in 4 days


Christine said...

yay on camping and winning!

latte_grande said...

Yay, Kayla!! Whoot, whoot! :)

Have you found out about Shawn's contest yet?

Have a great time camping! Uh, are you taking your phone? I might just try texting you to find out, lol!

emily said...

Oh, camping sure sounds fun to me! We need a little warmer weather before that's up for consideration.

Angela said...

Hope you are had a great time camping.