Saturday, April 11, 2009


Can't believe it is Saturday already. this week flew by!
tuesday kinda ended ugly. Hubby and I got into a huge fight. One where someone was going to walk out and leave. BUT we got it fixed I think. It's funny...well not really funny...but how our only arguements...ever...consist of the children. Why do we have to fight and argue over the kids. It's hard to. Because I see things differently than he does. I think alot of that is with the age difference but then I think alot of it is also due to his prior two boys. things happened there that just wasn't great and I think he tried to protect himself from getting hurt again but in the process pushes the kids away. Well just mainly Kayla. But then she is the only girl so that may have something to do with it too. who knows. It's Saturday now and all seems to be okay. I think I just need to learn to keep my mouth shut in some areas and it would be better. I am a little to head strong for my own good...that would be my dad's family peeking out at me. BUT I do have to admit that it is sparking a layout for me that I can use in next months Guttergirlz project!!

Took the whole family to the eye dr this morning. Shawn was perfect 20/15. As I new he would be. Kayla on the other hand I was worried about. She has been complaining lately she couldn't see. I took her 3 years ago but wow.....she was 20/60 and 20/50! NOT good! At least for an 18 year old. So she will be getting glasses. She is like a -1.75 in the right and like a -.25 -.50 in the left. That right is CRAZY. And Billy has to update his. He is now in a +2.25 bifcoal...giggle.

Kayla also has a job interview Tuesday at Sun Valley Beach. Cross your fingers. She needs this. It's not a pernamnet job but at least it is one for now. I need to post some layouts that I have soooo been slacking on doing. Sorry about that. Posting those in just a bit.

Oh and my mind was made up and MMM here we come. I have my first layout 95% done and started on my second. So if I can just work a little here and there I think I will have the 4 of them done. I wanted to really try out for the Rusty Pickle DT call also but I think that would just be to much at this time to try and get completed. Especially with all the stuff coming up in the next few weeks.


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emily said...

Fingers crossed on the job interview for Kayla.