Monday, March 30, 2009

My kids

I am so proud of my kids...of course what parent isn't right.

I so forgot to mention when I posted this weekend that my son entered the Google Drawing contest at school. First place was a $15,000 scholarship to any college in Georgia. Would you like to know where he placed. Not first sad to say...but SECOND! Can you believe that! Second out of the entire school. First place went to a senior. And they kept his drawing and will make a T-shirt out of it. I was so proud of him.

Kayla entered another drawing contest in the lunch room and they will choose the winner this week. It's a $50 Gift Certificate to Best Buy!

This weekend flew by. We spent Sunday in Sam's getting our membership, shopping and checking out prices for future purchases. Then Kayla and I headed to Kohl's to buy a new comforter for my bed. A little wild and different looking than my normal style. Then headed to Target to get the Metallica Guitar Hero and yes we played it most of

Now back to work and getting ready for our camping trip this weekend. Oh and I actually scrapped a page yesterday! I need to scan it and get it uploaded.


R said...

Hey- no fair!
What kind of comforter did you get?

And did I say thank you for aLL this WONDERFUL paper?
Thank you.

emily said...

Second? That's awesome! And another contest entry. You have every right to be proud.

latte_grande said...

Wow, congrats to Shawn!! They're making a T-shirt of his art? How awesome is THAT?!! And I know Kayla is an amazing artist, too...hope she wins that gift card! :)

R said...

Once again! thanks for all the WONDERFUL paper you sent my way!
You are THE BEST!