Thursday, April 16, 2009

what a darn week

You know...there are days I just wish we had a rewind button and could go back and change a few things. This week would be one of them.

First off...don't mess with my I need my computer and it seems when it is not working is when I need it the For some reason my internet is dropping. Doesn't want to stay connected more than 5 minutes at a time. So I have not been able to research, update, post, play or anything on line for several days now. I try to sneak in here or there. But if anything good comes from that I finished two layouts for MMM last night. But of course my PS6 is not scanning them right and I so hate taking pictures and uploading them that way. Then on Tuesday we come home to our TV not working. We had to go out and buy a new TV which was an expense I DID NOT WANT! But....if my internet is not working that PLEASE don't take away my TV! LOL. So we got that fixed and back up. Should I mention the doorbell stopped working too...

Kayla had a job interview Tuesday. We are crossing our fingers. This will be the first interview she has had since last summer. So it has been a long year trying to find a job. We are just waiting to hear back now to see if she got the job.

We are down to only 7 weeks til school is out. Shawn has got to bull something out of his arse because he is failing two classes right now. Kayla is doing good. Thank goodness. We get our announcements Friday so we can start getting ready to get all those out along with party invites. Which means I really need to get busy buying stuff for the party. More money I really don't want to let go of right now.

Kayla goes for her tooth on the 27th! She gets an impression that day and she should have her tooth by 2 weeks after that. We are excited. This has been a long process. She also got her glasses yesterday. She looks "smart" with them They kinda made her sick last night but I figured they would. And as I type this what a horrible scrapper I am because I didn't take any pictures. Crap. Guess I will! Gotta always take pictures of those "firsts".

Guess that is all for now....just staying busy and trying to keep our head above the I am sure most people are trying to do too.

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