Friday, March 20, 2009

She did it!!

Man am I one proud mother right now!!!

Kayla entered her very first art contest that was held at the school. I so remember doing that when I was her age. I LOVED entering the art shows. It was such a creative high for me. It took me 2 years to ever place in the show....finally winning 1st place with a piece that I was so proud of.

We got there and I looked at all the artwork and was blown away by the talent. Just simply amazing talent!! And then it was awards time...

I was so nervous. As I am sure she was too.
They started with Drawings. Then moved on to paintings. Kayla won Honorable Mention. Which was 4th place. And then they moved to 3-D art and she won Honorable Mention for her pottery! I was just so proud of her and she was so surprised. But I think what amazed her the most was the people coming up to her and telling her how wonderful her artwork was.

I sure hope she goes farther than her mother did. Taking her artwork and using it to her advantage and going far in life. Using her talent to take her places I never got to do or go.

Yep I am a proud mom....(and just wait until you see Shawn's art entry for a different!)


emily said...

WHOOHOOO! That totally rocks! WTG, Kayla! Took a look at both pieces and they are gorgeous. Quite the talented young lady you've got there, Becky.

latte_grande said...

WOW, that's SO frikkin' awesome! WTG, Kayla!! :)

twinsand2boys said...

thats so awesome! Congrats to her!