Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's been a crazy week

Starting off with my friend Annette....her mom passed away Wednesday night. It was not expected and is just devestating for her. She just lost her father 3 years ago. It has been really sad and heartbreaking. The visitation was Friday night and I was not able to go because Kayla had prom. But I know she knows I was there in spirit.

The prom was great. Minus the rain which hampered taking pictures but we managed. the kids had a great time at least and that is what matters. Billy and I managed to take a quick date and go to the Varsity to eat which is YUM and soooo not good for you. We came back home to wait out the short time frame before we had to go back and pick them up.

Here is one of the pictures I was able to get in the rain.
We had a few dress malfunctions but I was able to figure them out alittle. VERY upset with the place that altered the dress. They sooooo sucked and I had to figure out quick fixes to make it work.
Today we had to take Shadow to the vet. He is losing his hair on his head and has a nice bald spot. They think he may have had some trauma to the head (which he escaped thru the woods the other day) and it just yanked his hair off. Doesn't appear to be anything serious just yet but we are watching it to see. Nothing like having a bald lab.
Dropped off our cans for the Scouting for Food. It's a good feeling to do something for the community. And we also checked out Sam's and decided we will get a membership this weekend. Hopefully will find some great deals worth the membership. We will see.
Now off to read a book. I haven't had time to scrap lately and just don't feel like getting it all out this evening. Maybe tomorrow.


latte_grande said...

Fabulous pic of the kids....did they have a nice time? Was it at the school or another, fancier location? I need details, lady! lol

What? No pics of Shadow's bald spot? Poor guy, hopefully he's okay and will get that hair back soon!

R said...

I can "WhataYa Have" any day/night of the week!