Monday, March 2, 2009

Behind Once Again

I get so behind on posting sometimes. Sorry about that.

It was a busy weekend. I went Friday and bought a new computer. Just the tower and some new virus software along with Microsoft Office. I spent Saturday morning trying to take down my old computer/saving data/and plugging up the new one. I know nothing about Vista so I spent way more time that I should have trying to figure my way around. Then I left at 11:30 and went to a painting class. I will post the painting later when I get home. But it was FUN FUN FUN. So much fun that I booked Kayla and I a spot for this next Saturday. Then I came home and played on the computer some more. Family Tree Maker didn't work...had to download a driver update for that. Then my Photoshop Elements didn't work. Can't fix it. I was bummed. My printer was working. YEAH. Then the scanner...a no go. Had to go out Sunday and buy a new Scanner. Still couldn't get Photoshop to work so I downloaded and Picasa. But neither one of those stitches layouts together like my photoshop so I am not sure what I am going to do about layouts and getting them posted online.

The I got my Firefox uploaded so I could facebook....and the darn bookmarks want save so now I can't play Hatchlings. So I am REALLY not happy.

but all in all the computer is faster and I do like some of the details it has with it. Still lots to put back such as my favorite sites and some data. I also got an external hard drive and have been trying to put all my genealogy stuff on there.

My cousin came by to start tutoring Shawn. I am crossing my fingers that it helps!

This is another busy week. Kayla has another oral surgeon appointment today. We should find out when he will do the next step to her implant. Stuff at work keeping me busy and the boys are going camping (caving) this weekend.

I did manage to finish another quilt last night. Not as happy with this one. The colors rock...and it ragged perfectly but the batting I used wasn't thick enough. So I will have to buy some more batting before I do the next one. I have the 4th one cut out but oh well...small delay. And I got one more tie blanket done for Delaney's birthday this month. I tried some things differently with this one.

Looks like we will indeed have a booth at Paulding Meadows so I need to get busy making extra stuff and soon!


Laurajean said...

WOW much trouble with the NEW computer, I hope you get it all worked out. I hate when I lose things and when things don't work right....dang it!!!
It sounds like you have been a busybee ;)
Thinking of all of you and Kayla ;)

R said...

You and that "To Do" list make me sick!
Could you be any more organized?
Self disciplined?
On time?

You are giving us "family folk" a bad name!
Or is that me?