Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stressful week

Just haven't been on the computer as much as I would have liked. It's been a stressful week. Our weekend was full of stuff...I was making blankets and Billy was working around the house. Kayla went out Saturday night to the movies. Monday the kids went back to school and all hell broke loose. It appears Shawn is still struggling in Math and we are getting hardly any help from the teacher. So....I am in search of a Math tutor for him considering we only have 11 more weeks left and he still has to pass this half of the year AND the EOCT test in order to pass math for the year. Crap is what I call it. Just crap. Have you seen what these kids are learning. What the heck? So far no luck on the tutoring homefront. And driving Kayla around everywhere is sucking big time.

I was so exhausted last night and it is only WEDNESDAY!!! I had to run out and buy 3 blankets worth of material to make up some for a shower this weekend. I got started on 1 but I need to finish them by Thursday so I guess that is what I will be doing this evening. Now if I could just make some money off these it would be a grand thing.

Kayla has healed up from the wreck. We are looking at buying a friends car cause I just can't do this driving around everywhere crap anymore. She was such a big help driving. We still need to check with out insurance and get her ticket paid first so not sure when we will get the car.

Our taxes should be here this week and not fast enough. I am buying a new computer with it and can't wait. I am about to throw the one I have out in the yard and stop on it. Hopefully this new one will be lots faster for me. We will see I guess.

Oh and I decided to start doing something for myself. GASP. I know...I rarely do that. But a friend of mine showed me this website that you can take painting classes from! I am soooo doing this on a Saturday afternoon. It's about 45 minutes from my house but looks fun and once a month or once every so many months is okay to do I think! I'm trying to schedule the first class in April but the calender is not up yet.

Weight homefront...nothing to report. Still stuck at the same weight and it isn't budging. I guess it is better than gaining but I really would like to get to my first goal which will be 6 more lbs to go. Why in the world does it not want to go anywhere. I really don't know what else to do. I'm trying everything. sigh.


latte_grande said...

Ugh, I feel for ya, girl! Some weeks are just shitty like that...hopefully the "new" car deal works out so Kayla can drive again, and you're able to find Shawn a tutor! Did you check out that link I posted in your math thread on Tally? It looked like it did a pretty good job of explaining things....heck, even I understood it, lol!

{{{{BIG hugs}}}}things WILL get better! :)

R said...

DAGGUM that Shawn!
He won't be drawing nothing w/o that Math!
He is not BSn that teacher right!
That has to be it!
you can get a high school senior to tutor-