Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday ramblings

Kayla is healing. She is beginning to bruise and looks battered along her arms. But her face is no longer so red. The chin is scabbed and yuckie but getting better. She is pretty gunshy when she is in the car but I know she will get past that. I have to say that I have been pleased with everything and everything during this. Today we received a call from the Medical claims of State Farm checking on her and making sure we didn't pay anything out of pocket and if we did they were going to pay us back. We received a phone call from the hospital checking on her. I thought that was super nice.

But on a much more scrappier is my layout for the February 15th prompt at Gutter Girlz! I hope you go check it out and show us what you can do with this prompt!

And a little craft related. I'm going to start making these blankets and sell them. My goal is to make enough for the September Arts & Crafts festival but in the mean time I hope to sell some here and there. They are so fun to make.
stay tuned because tomorrow I will post my February layout for SerendipityKits!


latte_grande said...

So glad to hear Kayla is on the mend...poor girl! Has she driven since the accident, or is she still kinda shaky? {{{Hugs}} to her, bless her heart!
LOVE your warm, cuddley knotted blanket! It looks similar to the blankets my MIL made for our two little boys, and they love theirs! Good luck with the craft show, I'll bet you do great!

Katamommy said...

Your lo is wicked cool and I love the blanket. Good luck selling those!